Vodavi / Vertical

Vodavi/Vertical Telephone Systems

Vodavi XTS

“XTS” stands for eX-pandable Telephone System. Our newest system is stackable, scalable and can accommodate businesses requiring up to 376 universal ports. IT Directors will appreciate the look and design of the XTS, as it is both rack and wall mountable.

One Cabinet: 48 CO lines and 96 stations up to 136 ports
Two Cabinets: 144 CO lines and 192 stations up to 280 ports
Three Cabinets: 144 CO lines and 252 stations up to 376 ports
Six Cabinets: 216 CO lines and up to 495 stations

Vodavi XTSc

The XTSc digital system platform puts the world of communications possibilities at your fingertips.

All XTSc phones are CTI enabled. The systems were engineered to support computer telephony enabled applications.

XTSc is a compact and affordable design – the perfect starting point for the organization needing up to 28 lines and 44 digital stations.

System Features:Vodavi XTSC
Least cost routing
Programmable toll restriction
Off hook voice over
Directory dialing
Speed dialing
Last number redial
Answering machine emulation
Caller ID integration
One touch record
E911 Alert
Flexible numbering